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Translation memory systems (TMS)

In order to reduce costs and, at the same time, improve the quality of our translations, we use translation memory systems from various technology providers. TMS help you and us from the very start of our cooperation to analyze text for repetitions and, from the second assignment onwards, for translations that can be recycled. You do not have to pay twice or several times for what needs to be translated only once! The so-called 'fuzzy matching' functionality even allows for the recycling or similar parts within the translations. Again, you save time and money!

In addition, it is possible to create translation memory databases from previous translations and their source texts. This can be an effective option when you do not own any translation memories, but do not want to start over again from zero with each of your translation assignments, or in situations when you want to change your translation provider.

TMS must not be confused with machine translation tools. We do not use machine translations, but rather rely on the linguistic and technical experience of our human translators and editors. However, we make use of today's proven technology in the context of professional translations for the public domain. With the help of TMS, we make sure that your documentations are consistent in terminology and style from page 1 through to page 1000.

We will be happy to give you more detailed information about how we use TMS and what your benefits are in euro and cent.

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